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What to do uses the onvert viewer for your smartphone to give you a 3D view of your new character....

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Once your 3D.Me is ready, scan the tag with the onvert app to see it

Discover your very own 3D.Me and reveal it with your iPhone, iPad or Android device transforms you (and a friend) in a truly unique way - just log into Facebook to get started, and pick a couple of photos. Grab your phone, download the FREE onvert viewer app and hey presto - your 3D.Me is revealed!

The fun doesn’t stop there…

Share your 3D.Me with your Facebook friends, and they can join in too - no two will ever be the same, and there are many hilarious combinations to choose from. Which will you be? Cowboy, spaceman, pop star or something even more fantastic?

What does the onvert app do?

It reveals the magic of your 3D.Me! We give you a very pretty picture at the end, but that's not the end – only the app can reveal your 3D.Me. Don’t forget to turn your sound on!

The app is free for everyone to download, and it can do a lot of other neat things too, like unlock invisible 3D art, claim exclusive discounts and take photos. Better still, if you're feeling creative, you can use it to create these effects too - its called "Augmented Reality".

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